Bedroom rules every relationship should obey

When we were young, our parents might have set some pretty clear rules as a way to keep the household running smoothly. We weren’t allowed to eat in bed or on the couch and had to pick up after ourselves. 

These rules were great because they didn’t leave room for confusion and helped us know what was expected of us. It’s no different when it comes to romantic relationships and casual ones, like when dating Brisbane escorts. Having boundaries helps make sure you’re treating each other well. 

So, without further ado, here are bedroom rules that every relationship should obey:

You Can’t Demand For Sex

While you may be tempted to use sex as a bargaining chip, it’s important to remember that it’s a mutual decision. It should come from both parties in an expression of love and not be used as leverage when one party has something they want from the other person. 

If your partner isn’t interested in having sex with you, there could be any number of reasons why they aren’t interested. Probably none of them has anything to do with how attractive or sexy you are. If this happens often enough, it might be time for some serious relationship talks. 

When Planning A Threesome 

You should first ask your partner before bringing another person into your relationship. If you want to introduce someone new into the bedroom, get permission first. Don’t assume that just because they’re dating you and have been sleeping together for a while, they are automatically okay with this idea. 

If they say no, then respect their wishes and don’t pressure them into anything else. If they say yes, well, nothing stops you now.

Woman in bed holding her phone in the morning.

Your Home Is A Sanctuary

It’s where you go to escape from the world and should be treated as such. You’re not allowed to leave dirty clothes on the floor or anywhere else in your room, including the couch, bed, or bathroom.

In fact, if you’re really committed to making sure that no one ever has any reason to complain about their living situation ever again in life, then certain things should never be allowed in your home at all. These include dirty socks left anywhere, stains left behind by pets, and spilled food items. Try to be as clean as possible as a sign of respect for your home. 

Turn Off Your Phone

If you’re sharing a bed with someone, your phone should be off. This is not just a rule for couples. It’s vital for any relationship, friendly or romantic, to have some boundaries around technology. 

When we sleep with our phones next to us, they become tempting distractions and even potential sources of jealousy. They can also be used as weapons against us. 

If your partner finds out that you’ve been texting another person, it could lead to an argument or breakup. If you want to avoid all of this drama, turn off the phone. 

In Conclusion 

Your partner deserves respect and commitment, so don’t be afraid to set clear boundaries for what that looks like in your relationship. Respect is a two-way street. It’s important that both feel like they’re being treated with dignity and decency, so make sure you treat each other fairly and equally.